Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sometimes, the things you think you buried have a way of rising up again. 

Sometimes, the things you thought you protected yourself from can come up and bite you on the ass while you're not even looking.

Sometimes, an innocent question from a friend can change your world in an instant.

Sometimes, even I don't know how to offer the comfort needed.

Sometimes, choosing to be alone is not the right answer.

Sometimes, it's better to let it all go, and move on.

Sometimes, I wish I could magically take away all the pain, and give my husband the childhood he deserved, instead of the one he had to live through.

And then there are days, like today, where I am proud to be married to such a strong, wonderful man, who can overcome all the hate and abuse, and be the better person.


South Carolina Mom said...

Read Isaiah 61:1-3. Those verses provided me with the comfort I needed to understand so much of what I dealt with as a child better than any person ever could. I'm not saying it makes it easier, but knowing that there is a purpose, a reason, for having to go through things as a child (or adult) that most people don't experience makes it a little easier to accept. Does that make sense? I hope so...either way, just read the verses and encourage Junior to read them too. Not just read them, but really think about them. Those 3 verses changed my life and helped me in overcoming severe depression.

Praying for you all...

Donna said...

He really has been doing Wonderfully sweetie! Hang in there...hughugs

Crystal said...

AWESOME post Jenn...