Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today, our therapist learned that Junior and I are not perfect, and that we fight just like everyone else.  probably not as often as most couples, but when I get pissed off, well, I get PISSED OFF.  I don't want to go into details, because, well, it's really not that big of a deal.  Let's just say that Junior did something that really hurt my feelings, and I was not talking to him.  So we go into therapy today, and Elizabeth (our therapist) asks me how I feel about something, and I told her that I was mad at Junior and not speaking to him, so I was not the best person to ask questions to.  This, of course, led to questions about why I was mad at him, and it ended with me in tears, throwing tissues at my husband.  Of course, things are fine now, and talking helped Junior to see why I was so upset with him.  That's one of the best things about therapy...we talk, we resolve things, and we move on.  I think that is one of the biggest things I love about my marriage...we don't hold grudges, and we never get nasty with each other.  There is never name calling, or things said that we later wish we could take back.

Other than that, therapy was fine.  I gave Elizabeth the plant and she loved it.  Actually, Brandi gave it to her.  And speaking of Brandi, my kid is so smart.  I mean, seriously smart.  I had a conference with her teacher yesterday, and she went over some test scores with me that blew me away.  They do MAP testing, and for 3rd graders, they should score a 192 in math and reading, and a 193 in language.  Brandi scored a 213 in reading and language, and a 215 in math.  Her teacher said these are 5/6th grade scores.  I was blown away.  I always knew she was smarter than kids her age, but I didn't think she was that far advanced.  I worry now that she will get bored in school.  Hopefully, the advanced classes she is in will keep her challenged.

Okay, so this blog is not supposed to be about the kids.  It's supposed to be about me.  But, I guess a big part of who I am is a mom.  And I love it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Picture Of Me. Kind Of.

Last night we had Ryan's annual Halloween/Birthday party.  We had about 23 kids (that's counting two babies) and 11 adults, so it was a pretty full house.

And I had a ball!

For the first time in a long time, I actually dressed up.  I sprayed my hair black (I hated the texture, but loved the color!), put on some sparkly makeup (I NEVER wear makeup) and donned my little purple witch hat.  Check out the picture...I looked pretty hot! lol! I was told by several people that my hair looked really good that color.  I don't think I would have the nerve to permanently dye it black, though.

There was lots of good food and great company.  The kids played games, hit a pinata, bobbed for apples, and kind of just hung out.  There were six little kids (between five and eight) who just ran around outside in the dark thinking they were hot shit.  It was great.  One of them (my friends grandson) came up to me and told me it was the best party he had ever been to.

Yeah, that was awesome.

I was a little taken aback by a couple of people, though.  One parent called for directions and to make sure the party was going to have adult supervision, and when I said yes, she asked if her daughter could come too.  What could I say?  I said yes, and then she told me the daughter was 7.  Um, it's a party for a 15 year old boy, and you want your young daughter to come?  Is it just me or does that sound a little ballsy to you?  I honestly didn't know what to say, so I said sure, send her along.  Turns out, Brandi knew the girl from school, so it worked out, but really.  I would never ask such a thing.

Then, the girl who lives behind us came over early, and asked if two of her friends could come, too.  Kids I didn't know.  Kasi said she met them and they were nice, so I told her to ask Ryan since it was his party.  Again, is it just me, or was that ballsy?  Turns out that those three girls got ticked when they didn't win the costume contest prizes, so they kind of yelled at Junior and went home.  I told Kasi never to invite them to anything else, ever again. 

But all in all, it was a great night. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love This Time Of Year

It's almost Holiday time, and I love it.  I wish our weather would reflect Fall...we have been in the 80's for the past week or so.  I want the cool days, and the changing leaves....

For me, the Holiday season always starts with Ryan's birthday party.  We do it a couple of weeks early sot hat we can make it a Halloween party.  Then his actual birthday comes, then three weeks later is Thanksgiving.  A week and a half after that is Brandi's birthday, and then three weeks later we have Christmas and New Years. 

I love the time I spend with my family this time of year.  I love that all our celebrations focus around the food.  For a fat girl, this is not a good thing, but I have given myself permission to enjoy myself.  If I gain a little weight back, it will be okay.  I have learned in the last year and a half that I will fluctuate.  I know now that I can maintain a weight...I just have to get to a healthy weight to maintain.  I am extremely proud that I have kept off the 50ish pounds I lost over a year ago.

I am pretty excited about Ryan's party Friday night.  I am going to dress up a little bit, which is something I don't usually do.  Brandi and I both got the same little purple witches hat, but she is wanting to go with green face makeup, and I am going to do a little purple sparkling.  It's going to be so much fun!  I have lots of food to prepare, and even more cleaning to do.  But it will all be worth it!

We went to therapy last week, and talked through some things.  Our therapist just got her first real office, and I want to bring a little plant as an "office warming" gift next session, but I was a little worried that that might be a tad inappropriate.  I asked my mom, and she said it's not; that it would be a nice gesture.  Our therapist did her whole office black and red, so I have to find a plant that will match that.  Any suggestions?  My mom has a pot she painted that she thinks would be perfect...I just need to buy the plant.

Um...let's see...what else has been going on????  My mom's kitchen is coming along.  It is taking a lot longer to finish than we thought it would, but Junior is doing all of the work himself (with Ryan's help).  He's doing a great job...it just takes a while.  It would take less time if the stuff my mom's buys wasn't defective...Junior went to install the sink, and it was warped.  He got a new sink, went to install the faucet, and one of the clamps was broken so it leaked.  Mom got a new faucet, but the hoses he bought for the other sink didn't fit this one, so he needed new ones...if he didn't have to continually run to the store he might make some progress! lol!

I guess that's about it.  I have a lot to do before Friday, including some reviews on my other blogs, so it might be next week before I get back over here.  Or even visit the few of you who read this blog.  So, have a great week, and I'll see you all soon!!

Oh, wait, I almost forgot...I am rocking the water thing!  It's all I drink when I am home.  I bought a variety of flavor packets to put in it, so I am not bored with it.  Yet.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm sitting here, dropping ecards, and sipping on a 44 ounce diet pepsi Junior brought home for me.  One soda a day won't hurt, will it?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Think I See A Connection

Okay.  Yesterday, I was craving a diet pepsi bad, so Junior went up to the store, and got me a 44 ounce in ice.  Now, normally, I would drink that entire thing in about 30 minutes.  Yesterday, it took me about four hours to drink the whole thing.

Today, I did the same thing, but add to it a diet coke at the Chinese restaurant, with a refill.

Tonight, my lower back and left side is hurting again.  It has to be related to all that soda.  The good news is that I also drank over a gallon of water, too.

I seriously think I could float away right about now...

Monday, October 4, 2010


Holy crap people.  I drank almost two gallons of water today all by myself.  I only had one 20 ounce sprite zero that Junior brought home from work for me.  I figured I could reward myself for all the water.  We even went to the store tonight and I didn't buy any soda.  I figure if it's not in the house I won't be tempted to drink it.

Let's see how much I can drink tomorrow.

Oh, and on the plus side, I think my kidney/UTI issue has resolved itself.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been a couple of weeks again, huh?  It's so easy for me to write on my other blogs, because writing about kids, food, and crafts are easy.  Writing about myself?  Not so much.

Went to McDonald's with my mom and the girls yesterday.  It was nice to b able to sit in a booth, and have a few inches between it and myself.  This time last year, I couldn't fit in a booth.  At all.  I don't think thin people think about those kinds of things...like fitting in a booth at a restaurant. 

We had a good therapy session last week.  Pretty much talked about nothing, which was nice.  Sometimes, these sessions are a relief.  We did tell our therapist about almost getting robbed, which she found scary and funny.  Kind of like we do now.  Looking back, we can all laugh at Junior going after the guy with a sledge hammer.  Even Brandi, which is awesome. 

I have been fighting some kind of kidney infection or something.  I have had the worst pain in my lower back and on my left front side.  I bought some medicine yesterday, and it is helping with the feeling like I have to pee every three minutes, but I am still in pain.  I haven't had any soda, only water, since yesterday, so I am hoping that will help, too. 

Starting tomorrow, I am going to start walking a little girl in my neighborhood to and from the bus stop.  She lives with her dad and Grandma, and the dad is going back to work, and the Grandma is sick and can't make it up and down the hill to the bus stop twice a day.  So the dad asked me to do it.  I was more than happy to.  I'm just praying I don't forget about her in the morning.  Her name is Caylyn, and she is 5.  And adorable.

Let's see...I have a few reviews I have to do this week, and all of the products were awesome!  The paid posts are still slow coming in, so I haven't been making much money, which sucks because I want to get my Christmas shopping going.  I bought a few things last week, but not nearly enough.

I think that's about it.  I need to get up and finish supper.  I breaded the chicken, and now I have to cook it.  I'm making hand breaded chicken nuggets, and I seriously can't wait to eat them.