Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Pound Gone!

I'm a little excited right now! 

I just weighed myself, and I lost another pound! 

That makes 48!  Two more pounds to my first goal of losing 50! 

Am I freakin' awesome or what?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Please, Don't Yell At Me

Remember last year, when my wisdom tooth declared war on me, and I ended up in tears in the ER, begging for some relief?  Remember how I was supposed to wait a few weeks for the antibiotics to get rid of the infection, then I was going to have it pulled?

Well, I never did. 

And today, it started up again.  BUT, I took some pain meds pretty quickly, so the pain is under control.  I also had some antibiotics that I could take (I am allergic to penicillin), so i started those.  I am hoping i caught it early enough, and by tomorrow or the next day, it will be fine.

Than maybe in a few weeks (or months) I can have it pulled.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love Facebook.  I really do. It's such great fun to find old friends, and see what they have been up to the last, oh, 20 years or so.  Night before last I found a friend who I used to go to church with. 

A little back story:

Growing up in New York, it was considered different not to be Catholic.  I was, and still am, Baptist.  There were not very many Baptist churches on Long Island, but my grandparents went to one, and every Sunday they would pick up me, my brother and my sister, and off we would go.  I remember doing this as far back as i can remember.  My parents would show up for services sometimes, but never Sunday school. 

I loved this church.  Being just 14 months younger than my sister, i kind of gravitated towards her friends, and never really had any of my own.  Except in church.  In fact, my best friend growing up was a boy whose parents were best friends with my grandparents.  (they adopted him later in life, so they were my grandparents age by the time we were in high school)  I was allowed to sleep over his house, and it was never questioned.  Of course, nothing ever happen, though everyone would have sworn we would have gotten married someday. 

Anyway, the church we went to was small, and the youth group was even smaller.  I think there were maybe ten of us, and we were all really close.  I used to go every Sunday, day and night, and Wednesday nights just to hang out with my friends.  I remember sitting in the back pew, passing notes while the pastor preached his sermon.  We got busted a few times, if I remember correctly, by leaving our notes in the hymnals.

We went on youth retreats.  We took day trips into the city with the church bus (which was nothing more than an old school bus that barely ran).  We did Christmas programs.  And Pioneer Girls.  And potlucks.  

I really do look back on those years as some of the best from my childhood.  Then one day, my dad decided that he wanted us to change churches, and I was so angry with him.  By this time my best friend was driving, and I thought I was old enough to decide which church I wanted to attend.  I could just go with him was my logic, but my dad didn't let me.  If I remember correctly, my sister was driving by this time, and she would take all of us to Sunday school, and then church.  I don't ever remember my parents going...but that could just be my failing memory.  I didn't like this new church.  It was big, and the friends I loved were not there.  I grew up in that other church, and that is where I wanted to be.

It wasn't too long after this that we stopped going to church altogether.  I truly believe that my life would be so different right now if we had never left that little church.  I was on the right path back then.  Not that I am on the wrong path now, because I wouldn't trade one second of the past 20 years for anything.  I just think that I would have made different choices along the way. 

Like staying in church.

So, I found one of my closest girlfriends from back then on Facebook.  She is married to one of the guys who was in our tight little group of friends at church, and they have four daughters.  She is still very involved with her church, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of her.

And I can't for the life of me figure out exactly why.  I mean, I think it is because I wish I was part of a church again.  I want my kids to go to Sunday school, but with Junior and I, not my parents.  I just can not get Junior to go.  You see, we have a difference of opinion when it comes to choosing a church.  I want to go to a Baptist church, and he doesn't.  He wants to go to a Church Of God.  I think that because I was raised in church, and I have pretty strong beliefs, that he should do what I want.  Selfish?  Maybe.  But he went to church only on holidays, and it was never a good experience for him.  I think if he will just try a Baptist church, he will like it.  I know the kids would love it.

My mom has been talking about finding a new church, and I seriously think that we should all go together.  I mean, church is all about family, so why not go with family.  Right?

I need to stop making excuses.  I need to go out and get some church clothes (now that I have lost some weight I can get some stuff in smaller sizes :) ) for myself and the kids.  I need to make an effort to get my family into a church.

I think maybe that is what I have been missing, and maybe seeing what my old friend has makes me want it all the more.  Does that even make sense?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Headaches Suck

I hate waking up with a headache. It ruins my entire day. I can't find the advil, so I had to take tylenol, which never really helps. I am hoping it will ease off a's been two hours since I took the tylenol, and so far, no change...and not become a full blown migraine.

I didn't sleep well last night, and I think that might be playing a part in this. I was up almost every hour, for no reason. I finally got four hours of straight sleep once the kids were off to school, and probably would have slept longer had the alarm not gone off.

I am hoping to get to bed at a decent hour tonight, and maybe this headache will be gone by morning.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Three More To Go!

Just a quick little post...

I weighed myself this morning, and I am down another pound.

That makes 47!

Three more and I will have lost 50!

Yay me!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Virus Free!

My computer is fixed, thanks to my dad. Apparently, I did not have working anti-virus stuff on here, so as soon as he downloaded one, it got rid of the virus.

Or at least I think that is what happened! lol! All I know is that I am back to working at 100%, no more pop ups, no more porn icons, and no more spontaneous shut downs.

Life, or at least my computer life, is good again. My non-computer life has always been, and will always be, good :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digital Protection

That seems to be the name of the virus that has attached itself to my computer. I have no idea how to get rid of it. Thankfully, other than being really annoyed, I can still get online. I just have to continuously close pop ups that insist that my computer is being attacked. Every now and then, the virus completely shuts down my computer, and that is getting old fast. Oh, and then there are the three porn site icons that materialize on my desktop. I delete them...five minutes later they are back. I am just glad the porn sites aren't opening up on their own. At least the icons are hidden when I am online.

I have forbidden the kids from using the computer until I get this fixed.

Other than that, I have been spending the day getting ready for my company that's coming over tomorrow night. Last Sunday was my dad's birthday, so I am cooking dinner tomorrow night, and then we'll do cake. My sister is coming with Carson and Lylah, which should be fun.  You all know how much I love my nephew and niece.  I might even try to talk my dad into playing around with my computer.  I need help from someone.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That's An Elephant, You Know

How do you like the new look?

I love it! I was so excited when I found this elephant template.

I bet you are wondering what I have been up to, since it has been a while since I have updated here. Again. I suck.

I'm still down about 46 pounds, which is awesome. I really want to drop another four so I can say I've lost 50...I'll get there. Slow and steady is my goal this time, and it seems to be working well for me.

Did I mention I bought a bathing suit I am actually looking forward to wearing? It's crazy, but for the first time in my life, I do not fill out the bust! lol!

Everything else has been pretty normal. We are settled in the new place, and it feels like home. I want to get some new curtains for the living room, but that will have to wait a while. We've been going to therapy, and talking about nothing really. All has been quiet from the other side, which has been a blessing, but it makes for boring therapy sessions.

I'll be back soon. Hopefully :P