Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yard Sale Failure

Junior's ex mother-in-law, Jean, asked me last week to do a yard sale with her this morning. Even though I had nothing to sell, I agreed to help her out. Junior got together a few old power tools, and I brought all of my signs, you know, the "welcome" and "keys" signs that I make?

We spoke to her last night, and she asked us to be at her house by 7. Well, I don't do mornings well, so we got there around 8.

She wasn't there.

Since I brought my own table, Junior and I set up, and waited.

And waited.

Not one car stopped all morning.

Jean finally came out of the house around 9, and said she had too much to do, and wouldn't be able to do the yard sale with us.

By 11, we were ready to call it quits.

As we were getting ready to pack up, she came over and asked what we would take for everything we were selling. Junior told her $45 for his stuff, and $40 for my signs.

She bought it all. I wish I had sold my signs individually, I would have made more money, but now she has Christmas gifts for her family, and I have some cash, which is much needed around here. Of course, it is going right to bills, but they were bills we couldn't pay yesterday, so that's good.

It just sucks having no "play" money, although I did spend a little of my paid posting money to get Kasi a Christmas gift for all of $4.

I wish it was February...we really need that tax refund right now.

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Donna said...

Oh My Word!! She ask for help and You end up doing all the least she bought your things!!! Geez!!!hughugs