Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am down 30 pounds!!!! Holy crap!!!!!

The sad thing is, I am not even trying. It's the lack of food in the house, and stress.

Who thought having no money would have a bright side?

I put on jeans today that I haven't worn in years!

On another note, Junior and I decided today that we are going to move in February. I am tired of the roof leaking, my bathtub faucet continuously running, and here's the straw that broke the camels back.

Remember when we asked about putting up the pool, and they said sure, but we would have to pay the difference in the water bill? Well, they charged us $40 to fill a 12 foot pool a foot and a half deep. There is no way in hell it took that much water. I told Junior he should have questioned it, and asked to see the bill, but he said it is easier just to pay it.

Whatever. We went today, and found the cutest 3 bedroom trailer. I wish we never resigned the lease. I wish we could move today. But, we are stuck here until February. I will not break our lease. Plus, we will have more money in February to move. It is a priority this time that we find something with three bedrooms, even if it is a trailer. They do have some nice ones nowadays.


Donna said...

Proud of You Girlie!! Way to GO!!!hughugs

Jennifer said...

Way to go Jenn!!
I was so proud of my 9.?? lbs and you're down 30? WOW!!

Crystal said...

Well hey, weight loss is weight loss and if it makes u feel just that more better about things then grab it and don't let go! Good for u! And yes, they have some VERY nice trailers these days! Have u ever seen the 2 story ones?!?!? LOL!!!