Monday, March 15, 2010

My Happy Place

Wow. It's been a while, and a lot has happened. If you read this blog because you know me from my other ones, this will be old news. But I'm going to share anyway :)

We moved. We didn't quite make it to March. We left the apartment in the middle of February, and I am so happy. The new place is great! It's a cute little double wide trailer, set up in a pretty upscale park. I hate the term "trailer park", because I always think rednecks and run down yards, old cars and lots of public intoxication. Where we are living, the are rules about stuff like that. In fact, there are rules about everything, and I love it. We don't have a very big yard, but the kids have lots of roads to ride their bikes on, and there are tons of kids in here, too. In fact, Brandi has already made a little friend, and they have been spending a lot of time together. This little girl wanders the park on her own, but I make Ryan or Kasi go with Brandi where ever she goes. I have also been walking a little bit, and boy is it hilly. My legs let me know real quick that I am not in the best of shape. Which means I need to be doing it a lot more.

It's a three bedroom I actually have my own bedroom. Of course, Brandi still sleeps with me, and probably will until she goes off to college. Because of his bi-pap machine, Junior sleeps by himself. Ryan and Kasi are happy with their rooms, which are bigger than what they had at the apartment. We have two full bathrooms, which is awesome. My bathroom has a huge garden tub with separate shower. The funny thing is, I have been looking forward to taking a bath for the past 18 months, but I have only been in the tub a couple of times. The kids are enjoying it, though.

Let's see...I am down 45 pounds. I know! Go me! I just hope that I can continue to lose. I went food shopping the other day for the month, and I bought a lot of healthy stuff. I have also started enforcing portion control, which the kids hate. Instead of second servings at supper time, I make them wait a while, and then have a healthy snack. I am hoping this will become the norm, instead of torture for them. And for me.

I guess that's enough for now. I will try to post here more often, but I say that all the time, and never follow through. So, how about I promise to not let a month and a half go by between now and then. Deal?


Donna said...

All sounds good to me!! I love the elephant header by the way..

Dorothy said...

Sounds like your making progress with your new home and if the kids are settled that's half the battle.

Blessings and a great weekend.

Dorothy from grammology