Thursday, May 21, 2009


It feels weird tonight. No Survivor. No ER. No Harper's Island. Nothing I wanted to watch on television, so I watched a movie. A really cute movie I'm going to write about on my other blog.

This afternoon Junior and I ventured to therapy. It's been two weeks since we've seen Kelsey, but we picked up right where we left having issues with Junior's need for revenge, and him seeing nothing wrong with it. I haven't really talked about that much on here, but my husband seems to think that every person who has ever done him wrong needs to pay for that somehow. He has a long list of offenders, and I don't agree with that. I think he should be the better person and let things go. That's what we're working on. Finding middle ground.

I brought up Kasi's birthday party, because it really bothered me that he spent the entire party inside, avoiding people. I thought it was rude, regardless of his reasons. He could have at least came out for a few minutes, and talked to everyone. There was one point where it was just me, my sister Colleen, and Sam and Missy sitting outside talking, and he was inside watching television. This was after everyone else had left. We sat out there for probably an hour, just talking and hanging out. He didn't come out once. (Missy ~ I hope you guys didn't think he was totally rude) I know he has a hard time with how close my family is, because he has never had that. But I want him to be a part of this, and he has been in the past, but the past few months have been hard on him, and I don't know why. So we talked about that today, and I hope next time he will be more sociable.

I have been doing okay. The kids are winding down in school, only a week and a half left. I will be happy when I don't have to get up at 5:20 every morning. I don't even remember what it's like to sleep more than three straight hours.

On a side note, I am watching Seinfeld and the sound is off. It doesn't match their mouths, and that annoys me to no end.

I took Missy's advice today, and took a bunch of pictures of the stupid dog next door. I think we are going to go down to the management office tomorrow and get them to do something about it. I hate to have to move, but I refuse to live next door to a pit bull. Especially one that keeps pooping in my yard.

Alright, I need to get going. I have other posts to write, and it's getting late.



Crystal said...

Looks like I've missed out on quite a bit. Sorry for that. Trying to make up for it though.

The first good step is that yall are both willing to seek out help. The second is that yall are both going. It's up to him to apply what he's learning from all of this to yalls life together. Is he still taking meds??

PIT BULL!?!?! I gotta gun if ya need it;o)

Crystal said...

Ya know...that way ya don't have to move, lol!