Monday, July 6, 2009

I Didn't See This Coming

I started doing this paid posting thing about eight months ago. At first, it was fun making money while being home with the kids. Today, my brain is fried. There are days where the opps are slow coming, and then there are days like today where there are so many my head feels like it will explode. I am in no way complaining, because we need the money, but I just don't have anything else to write about today. My brain is fried. That said, I have something to say.

The weirdest thing happened today. Junior was sitting in the van on break, eating breakfast this morning when his dad pulled up beside him. He asked Junior if we wanted to come to a cook out at his house.


We haven't had anything to do with this man for almost a year, and he wants us to come over and have a cookout? Junior told him no, obviously. Now, had Junior said yes, we would have gone. This whole thing with his family was his decision, as much as certain people would like to blame me. I am supportive of my husband, no matter what he decides.


Donna said...

...Good for Junior. How sad this is!hughugs

Jennifer said...

wow. what is up with that man?? honestly... does he just like to try to hurt his son?? that is what it seems. it's like he just goes searching for any way to make something new start again. and although i agree with Juniors answer to the invite... i wonder if he is questioning himself and/or rethinking his answer, only bc it is his father, and we all know we try to make our parents happy/proud and all that... in my mind he is doing the best thing for himself and all of you by staying away, but i know it has to be hard... i'm sure you all wish this was a different situation and that they were all different people... people that were good and pure and had the best intentions for you and your family... too bad they aren't... for their sake, they are the ones missing out, not you... your family is wonderful... if only they knew and could understand what they are missing... your beautiful children, your wonderful husband and of course... YOU! they are jerks!! I hope Junior knows that this is their problem and their fault not his... not at all.

much love!! xoxoxo