Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons

Things can never be uneventful around here for too long.

Kasi and I were watching television earlier, and the a/c unit started making a funky noise. I woke up Junior, and he diagnosed that the fan stopped. No longer working.

I asked if he could fix it, and he said he would have to take it apart, again, tomorrow, and see what he can do. I have everything crossed that he can fix it, because we don't have the money to buy a new unit.

I guess I will spend tomorrow in the pool with the girls. Hopefully it won't rain, even though it is supposed to.


We had therapy today, and it was kind of a waste of time, therapy wise. We basically just sat around talking about whatever popped up, nothing really spectacular. Somehow we got on the subject of why I don't drive, and the rules I have for the drivers of whatever car I am in. (Missy is the only person who hasn't freaked me out with her driving...I didn't scream one time in her truck) I had Kelsey cracking up. She claims we always make her laugh, and we do do a lot of laughing in therapy. In fact, we laugh a lot everywhere we go.

I laughed and talked more in that hour than I have in the last week. After we left, Brandi and I ran into walmart, and I was at the checkout, and I got a pain in my tooth so bad it made me instantly nauseous, and I almost passed out right there. I think it was from using my mouth so much. Luckily, supper and some tylenol made me feel a little better, and my tooth is back to being just a steady achy pain.

I can not wait until it feels completely better.

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Donna said...

I hope it's not an infection setting in!!!
Have you seen a dentist??hughugs