Saturday, April 17, 2010

Virus Free!

My computer is fixed, thanks to my dad. Apparently, I did not have working anti-virus stuff on here, so as soon as he downloaded one, it got rid of the virus.

Or at least I think that is what happened! lol! All I know is that I am back to working at 100%, no more pop ups, no more porn icons, and no more spontaneous shut downs.

Life, or at least my computer life, is good again. My non-computer life has always been, and will always be, good :)


Donna said...

You've GOT TO run a virus scan AND a Registry scan! That's a seperate program! The Registry is the "brain" of the cpu...Gotta keep all its files Straight! I use it!

jenn said...

Miss Donna ~ I have no idea what all that stuff is. My brother made my computer, and he put all that stuff on here. At some point, my AVG expired or something, and I have been unprotected for a while. My dad put Panda on it, and said that should keep me good. I have never heard of a registry scan...what is that?

Donna said...

When you use your computer a lot, files and links break down...usage.
A registry cleaner fixes those links and straightens files back up. Sorta like a messy file cabinet...
It keeps your computer straight and free from crashing!

Go here to read. This is what I use on all my computers...and I run it almost daily.

Just copy & past....
OR, go to a place that sells computers and you can find Registry cleaners on the shelves.

jenn said...

Thanks! I will definitely look into this!