Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey! Hello! How Ya Doin'?

Me?  I'm doing just fine.  I've been swimming, and blogging, and watching scary movies with Kasi.  I have so many reviews coming up on "my kids" blog...I am loving the products I am getting to test out!  I finally feel like I made a name for myself in this blog world.  My blog is gaining sponsors, which is awesome, and I have some giveaways coming up, too.  Seriously, I am having a flippin' ball!

My weight?  Still the same.  Exactly the same.  No change whatsoever!  Now, this should be frustrating, but since I am not dieting, or exercising regularly, I have come to accept this.  I know when I start putting a little effort into it, I will start losing again.  I know this.  I just have to get to that point, and right now, I have too much going on, so I am going to be happy with simply maintaining right now.

Junior went to the clinic yesterday, and was put on the waiting list.  It could take up to six months for him to get in to see the doctor, which sucks, but what else can we do?

The kids go back to school a month from Friday...August 16.  I can not believe that Summer vacation is almost over.  As much as I am enjoying staying up late and sleeping in, I am looking forward to the routine we will be in once they go back. 

I have cracked on the whole water thing.  I know, I know.  I did so good for a while, and then I had a diet sprite, and that was it.  But, I have been doing the wii, and loving it! 

I guess that's about it.  I have some work to do over on the other blog, so I need to get my big ole butt in gear...


Jeannette said...

Personally, I'd stick with regular cokes since they are healthier for you and diet tends to make you hungrier. Sounds like you are doing well.

THANK YOU for linking up to Friday Party Hop. Hope to see you next week!

Crystal said...

Dang girl, sounds like u ARE busy over that way! Hang in there girl!

Jeannette said...

I have award for you! Congrats!