Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been a couple of weeks again, huh?  It's so easy for me to write on my other blogs, because writing about kids, food, and crafts are easy.  Writing about myself?  Not so much.

Went to McDonald's with my mom and the girls yesterday.  It was nice to b able to sit in a booth, and have a few inches between it and myself.  This time last year, I couldn't fit in a booth.  At all.  I don't think thin people think about those kinds of fitting in a booth at a restaurant. 

We had a good therapy session last week.  Pretty much talked about nothing, which was nice.  Sometimes, these sessions are a relief.  We did tell our therapist about almost getting robbed, which she found scary and funny.  Kind of like we do now.  Looking back, we can all laugh at Junior going after the guy with a sledge hammer.  Even Brandi, which is awesome. 

I have been fighting some kind of kidney infection or something.  I have had the worst pain in my lower back and on my left front side.  I bought some medicine yesterday, and it is helping with the feeling like I have to pee every three minutes, but I am still in pain.  I haven't had any soda, only water, since yesterday, so I am hoping that will help, too. 

Starting tomorrow, I am going to start walking a little girl in my neighborhood to and from the bus stop.  She lives with her dad and Grandma, and the dad is going back to work, and the Grandma is sick and can't make it up and down the hill to the bus stop twice a day.  So the dad asked me to do it.  I was more than happy to.  I'm just praying I don't forget about her in the morning.  Her name is Caylyn, and she is 5.  And adorable.

Let's see...I have a few reviews I have to do this week, and all of the products were awesome!  The paid posts are still slow coming in, so I haven't been making much money, which sucks because I want to get my Christmas shopping going.  I bought a few things last week, but not nearly enough.

I think that's about it.  I need to get up and finish supper.  I breaded the chicken, and now I have to cook it.  I'm making hand breaded chicken nuggets, and I seriously can't wait to eat them.



Dawn said...

Isn't that awesome about fitting in the booth ?!?!? I just love it!!

I use to have chronic... every week bladder infections when I was so heavy. I won't go into all the details here. But, I think you should go to a walk in clinic and have a urinalysis done and get on an antibiotic. Those can get real nasty if left untreated !! Watch it!! I don't know if you like cranberry juice, but try to drink some. You can also get cranberry pills and take them to keep infections away. But, I am assuming this isn't a very common occurrence. Take care !! :)

jenn said...

Dawn ~ my mom suggested cranberry juice, but I'm not a big fan. She's a nurse, and she picked out the medicine I'm taking, which seems to be working. I don't have any pain this morning, which is good. I've never had a kidney infection or a UTI, so I don't know what they feel like. If the pain comes back, I will go to the ER or something.