Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Lost 9 Pounds This Week

That's right...9 pounds in one week.  Awesome, right? 

It would be if I didn't do it by catching the flu.  I have been miserable since last Wednesday.  I find it hard to eat when I can not breathe through my nose, so I just haven't been eating. 

I am just hoping that once I get to eating right again, I can keep it off. 

On the plus side, my husband was diagnosed yesterday with diabetes.  Not that that in and of itself is a good thing...the new way of eating is going to be a great thing.  I am learning so much about portion size and better eating, and I am excited to make this a permanent way of life for all of us.

Any tips about diabetes I need to know?


South Carolina Mom said...

My mom is diabetic... eating the right foods and controling insulin levels is key. I'm sure the doctor already told you there can be serious consequences for not getting just the right amount of insulin. Will he be getting an insulin pump or having to do the injections himself? Also, I know how much you like to bake. You can buy Splenda for Baking (comes in a 5 lb bag like sugar) as a sugar substitue and it really tastes good. Good luck- let me know if you want any sugar-free recipes as I have a few for when my mom comes to visit. :)

Donna said...

Congratulations on the loss!!! Proud of you! Sorry about Bob's diagnosis...BUT! It's "doable"!!!

Dawn said...

I 'was' a diabetic (both insulin and oral). Roy is an oral diabetic. What was his A1C ?? Did they put him on insulin or oral medication ? Has he been checking his sugars ? You are really going to have to change the way you cook for him, if you want to help him. If you need any help, suggestions, or need to talk,m let me know. I live it everyday. I am sorry you were so sick with the flu. Thank goodness so far, I haven't been sick with it in over 5 years.