Sunday, April 5, 2009

Total Steps...4/5

Took the kids to the park today. Instead of sitting with Junior and watching, Ryan and I took off for a little hike on the trail they have through the woods. It was about a mile and a half total walk, and it was kinda rough on this big girl. I was so hot when we got face was beyond red...but I felt good. I took some awesome pictures...I'll get them on my picture blog soon.

My total for today...9999 steps. I know, one more step, I should have waited ten more seconds before taking it off. But, I'm being honest here, so that's what I did. Better than yesterday, hopefully I'll do even better tomorrow. I just hope I don't get woken up with a Charlie Horse tomorrow morning. My left knee has been giving me trouble since we got keeps buckling and I keep almost falling. I hope I didn't twist it on the trail.

It's not easy for this big girl to do the things she used to sad is it that at 37 I am saying that. But...that is why I am on this get fit...and I can do everything!


Donna said...

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Jennifer said...

sorry that your knee was bothering you... but hope it's feeling better now...
good for you and Ryan to go for a hike... i can't wait till it's a lot warmer out here, we have been trying but yesterday it started off being about 30 degrees out here... YUCK!! but no excuses, I need to get my steps higher for each day... i'm not doing too good and i'm not doing my own personal goal of 10,000 a day... i'm letting myself down... but i can do it... and i will. i have to get my butt in gear.

you on the other hand... are doing sooo damn good. i'm so proud of you Jenn!! and I hope you are proud of yourself too!!

you are doing everything. i'm not sure what you are talking about...
this "big girl" but the Jenn I know is PERFECT and beautiful and doing things to make HERSELF feel better and be healthier!! :) and the Jenn I know is totally AWESOME!!

love YOU!!