Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, Crap

Ug. I forgot to put my pedometer on this morning, so I have no idea how many steps I have taken. I'm not bothering to put it on now, because all I am doing is cleaning my house. I mean REALLY cleaning...this was not MY idea...I think God had a hand in this one. Intrigued? I will post about it later on my kids blog. Right now I have to vent a little.

I haven't been posting about Junior's dad because, basically, he is not even worth the time it takes for my fingers to type out the words. Last week, though, he crossed the line, and now we are looking into getting a restraining order. If you want the details, email me. I'm happy to share, just not where the rest of his family snoops...and snoop they do...bunch of cowards!

Anyway, I had to go with Junior to therapy this morning. This was my second time going. It got pretty intense today, and when his time was up, the therapist asked if we could stay longer, because she didn't want to leave things the way they were. We ended up staying another 40 minutes. As we were leaving, the therapist asked if I would come back next week, too, because apparently, when I am not there, Junior kind of shuts down, and isn't quite as open. See, I rat him out. If she asks a question that he doesn't want to answer, I will, and it drives him nuts! But, I think he made great progress today, and hopefully we can continue down this path.

Okay, I guess that's about it. Nothing to log today...need to go finish cleaning.

Hope your day is floodless!


Jenera said...

Family can be such idiots. I have people that stalk my blog looking for dirt. It's stupid.

hope the therapy keeps working for you guys.

Jennifer said...

sorry to hear that there is DRAMA in your life again from Juniors stupid ass father... damn. i thought you were all done with that man... unbelievable. i'm sorry though that Junior has to go through all this... but i'm so glad that you are there for him... it's a good thing that you are going to therapy with him... I think that will bring you both even closer, if that is at all possible and also help him to get everything opened up and worked out with the therapist... some times we need that extra push or shove from someone that LOVES and knows us! :)

i can always come down and break some legs so that there isn't a way for him to harass Junior any more... seriously i don't mind. for you I would do it twice. :)

love you!!