Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was painful. My sunburn is developing these nice little water gross. I swear, I don't know how this happened. I was in the shade almost the entire day. I have learned my lesson though, I can tell you that much. We went to walmart and got some burn pain relief spray, and that helps some. I just thank God that Brandi asked my sister to put sunscreen on her, or she would be burned, too. Ryan and Kasi's shoulders are a little red, but nothing like me.

I am finally feeling human again with the girlie stuff. Yay!

Have I told you guys about Junior's new position at work? I can't remember. If so, just skip this part...I'll forgive you! lol! If I haven't, I guess I should. Junior got a promotion of sorts at work. It's not more money, but a better job and better hours. Instead of being a sales associate, he is now an inventory specialist. This means no more lifting lumber everyday, so his back should feel better. He doesn't have to deal with customers unless they ask him specifically for help, which is good, cause he hated that part of his job. And the best part is that he will work from 5am until 2 pm, Monday through Friday. That means no more weekends! I am so happy about this, especially with summer coming up, and the kids will be home, so we can do a lot together, like fishing and stuff. We are hoping to get our bills caught up...we seem to be getting further and further that we can plan our vacation soon. I want to go camping for a week or so, but we'll have to see. It may only end up being a day or two. Either way, we will be going camping, just not sure when or for how long.

Oh, and all the "think pink" didn't work so well. My sister is having another boy....that makes four! It's okay, though, because he looks good, has all his parts, and being healthy is really all that is important. I just feel bad for her...she was kind of upset. For me, it means starting a new blanket, cause the one I was making won't do for this baby. I'll just have to hope my other sister has a girl...although she doesn't want to find out beforehand.

I guess that's about it for today. I have some opps to write, so I better get to it. I like to have posts ready to go for those days I just don't feel like writing on the other blogs....keeping them all up and current is hard work! lol!


Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I had read bits and pieces about Juniors new job but I didn't get the details- THAT ROCKS!!!

I am sorry no pink from your sis with 4 boys but I pray the 4th is happy and healthy!!! Just think of all the money she'll save with the boy clothes and toys! :}

Glad your feeling better and the girlie issues are all back to norm!

Take care!!

Donna said...

Good for ya'll! Glad he gets more time home!
Sorry about the boy child...but it seems he needs to be here!!
Happy day sweetie!!hughugs