Monday, June 28, 2010

Motivation Monday ~ Week 1

Motivation Monday is hosted by Jeannette, over at A Hippo With A Headband.

I have been thinking about a bunch of things lately, and making them into one coherent post seemed impossible.  Today I will try and get them all down in a bullet type post, so bear with me.  (is it bear, or bare?)

  • my weight is at a stand still, and it is pissing me off.  I really believed that once I started swimming every day, the weight would come off.  I mean, when I am in the pool, I am constantly swimming laps.  I jump in, play with the kids...all of this is great exercise!  And since I wasn't exercising at all before I started swimming, I was really hoping to see some results.
  • on that same note, I am feeling a whole lot better.  I am sleeping better.  I haven't been hit with insomnia since mom opened the pool, which is just plain awesome.
  • I really need to stop drinking soda.  I live on diet lemon lime soda.  I drink at least a 2 liter bottle a day, sometimes more.  I need to start drinking water.  I know this, but it is so hard to do.  When I quit smoking, I used soda as a substitute for nicotine.  I think it is time to break this habit, too.
  • it's Summer, so it's only natural that I start stressing about money.  We are not going to be able to camp this year, which really sucks, but at least we are not stuck in the house every day.  My power bill is ridiculously high, but if we want to stay semi-cool, we need to run the A/C.  Last Summer was when I started losing this weight, and back then, it was definitely stress related.  Maybe worrying about money will help me over this hump...I know, not healthy, but hey, I'll take what I can get.
  • update is coming, and I am worried.  If I lose rank, I lose money.  And to be honest, the money hasn't been that good lately, even with my current rankings.  I am praying that at least one of my blogs will increase, so that the money coming in will increase.  I mean, before I know it, school will be starting again, and we all know how expensive all those supplies are, especially for three kids.

I guess since this is Motivation Monday, I need to set some goals for myself for this week.  Let's see...

  • I am going to try and lose 3 pounds...I had my period last week, so my weight was up a little...I want to get back to my 50 pound loss by next Monday.
  • I am going to drink more water.  I have a couple of bottles of soda in the house, and once they are gone, I am not going to buy anymore.
  • I am going to do the wii every day.  I still don't have the wii fit, but even playing the sports games for a little while is good exercise for this girl who does nothing but sit at the computer getting work done.  I will find time to play this week :)

Okay, three goals in seven days...let's see if I can do it!


Dawn said...

I hope that your rankings come up! Is there anything I can do? Soda is not expensive, you can always get it on sale. I get cases of coke zero or diet pepsi for $5.00. But think if you cut that expense out, how much money you would say. Just thinking out loud. Congratulations on kicking the habit !! :)

I know you will be able to reach your goal. Baby steps !! :)

Jeannette said...

You can do it! It sounds to me like you are losing weight but gaining muscle. Swimming is very strength and cardio intensive and muscle does weigh more than fat. I've noticed most women gain before they lose, get frustrated and quit. I used to. Then my hubby explained to me that I was gaining muscle and to keep at it. Sure enough I began losing a couple weeks later. In the meantime I noticed my clothes were getting looser and, like you, I was sleeping much better. As far as the soda thing goes, I have two opinions on it. First, I don't think cold turkey is ever a good idea. I still eat my sweets; I just work out harder to compensate. Otherwise I would binge and eat TONS of sweets. Secondly, you may want to switch to regular and scale back the amount. It has less chemicals, and even though it does have more sugar, it is better overall for your body and health.

You sound like you have a good idea on where to go and your goals are pretty reasonable. The weight loss may not come yet, but you might want to tape measure yourself or try on your "not quite big enough" jeans. They might be closer to fitting now.

Thank you so much for linking up and supporting me by posting my buttons! I'll see you soon I'm sure. Feel free to e-mail me or hop on over to chit chat whenever you want. I check it um... 1000 times a day? lol

Jeannette said...

I have an award for you on my blog:

jenn said...

Dawn ~ I don't understand the whole ranking process...the only thing I know that helps is having links back to my site. I do paid posts on two of my blogs, and I might be doing some on my cooking blog soon, depending on whether or not it gets ranked this's not quite 3 months old, so we'll have to wait and see.

jenn said...

Jeannette ~ I know, it's just discouraging sometimes. It has taken me almost a year to lose the 50 pounds I have, so I know about baby steps! lol! I am proud of myself for keeping it off. Swimming has always worked for me in the past, and I can feel my legs getting stronger...does that sound stupid? I think if I started dieting (which I haven't done yet...I have just started eating better) the weight will come off, but that is when I have trouble keeping it off. I hate to exercise, really, really hate it, and I think it is because i am so heavy, I get winded quickly. I love to walk, but it is so hot out right now, I have no desire to be outside, unless it is in the pool. Can you tell I am the queen of excuses?

I also can not drink regular soda. I am not a diabetic (that I know of) but I can not handle too much sugar. One 12 ounce can of full sugar soda makes me sick. I can also taste it in my mouth when I have had too much sugar...from candy, ice cream, or whatever. This comes in handy, because I know when I have had too much. I want to drink water because I know it is the best thing for me. My kids drink it all day long, so there is no reason why I shouldn't too.

I tried on my bathing suit from last year, and it is a little big. I love that! I am going to measure myself in the morning, too, to keep track of inches as well as weight.

Thanks for the support!